decorate our boho balcony

We decorated our boho balcony

Posted: 14. May 2021

It is finally Spring and it was time to decorate our boho balcony. This balcony has definitely been a process since I moved in in 2015. If you follow me on instagram you probably already have seen but I wanted share some more in depth photos with you and some links to where I shopped from.

you need some inspiration

You need some inspiration

Posted: 30. April 2021

Do you need some inspiration? I don’t know about you but sometimes I find myself aimlessly surfing the internet, scrolling through pinterest not knowing what I am looking for. So here is a list of a few things which have inspired me lately.

appreciate the now even during a pandemic

Appreciate the now even during a pandemic

Posted: 23. April 2021

Alright you guys, I just wanted to show up on here today to encourage you to appreciate the now even during a pandemic.

Some days might feel like we want to give up, like we want to pull the covers of our rooms and curl up under a blanket and just wait it out, come back once all of this is over.
But I honestly believe that you were created for such a time as this.

what to do with your life as a single

What to do with your life as a single

Posted: 16. April 2021

Hello friends it is about time I did a blogpost again on what to do with your life as a single. This blog started with me being single, expanding my life, going after my dreams and in the midst of this I got engaged, planned a wedding and got married last year.

But that does not change the mission of this blog to encourage you to have abundance in every seasons of life because *spoiler alert” life is not about your relationship status.

4 things to do this spring

4 things to do this spring

Posted: 26. March 2021

It is officially Spring and even though nature is taking it slow this year here are things to do this spring 2021.

For many of us Spring 2021 does not look much different than Spring of 2020 so I tried my best to put together your annual list of activities to get us excited about Spring.