spending time alone

I had a date

Posted: 12. October 2018 by Ramona

… well it`s not what you´re thinking right now. I had a date with myself and it was a real challenge so I am going to challenge you today in Part 2 of Spending time alone. It is one thing to like being by yourself at home with a good movie or a bath or whatever it is you like doing when you´re spending time alone. But going out by yourself is a whole other thing.

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desire to be in a relationship

Dealing with Desire

Posted: 7. September 2018

Last week I was sitting at the beach and there it was. Just very quietly creeping up in my thoughts: The desire. The desire to be in a relationship. The desire to be held. The desire to share the ocean and the beach and the salt and the sand. The desire to hold hands and dream together as we watch the waves rolling.