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how to say creative when life stands still

How to stay creative when life stands still

Posted: 29. January 2021

Hello friends I am back from my winter break ready to create again. Maybe you are like me wondering how to stay creative when life stands still.

Days seem to blend into each other because they are pretty much the same. There are less adventures and nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen. On top of that we are not traveling and not meeting a lot of people or having time around the table with others.

If you are like me you draw inspiration from all of the above and staying creative becomes more and more difficult. I have taken less pictures last year than the years before and lately I have been wondering how I can stay creative. Life stands still so it seemed. 

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2020 gift guide for meaningful giving

The 2020 tableseasons gift guide

Posted: 4. December 2020

Here it is friends, your 2020 gift guide for meaningful giving. As we all know this is a special and very different year and for many of us Christmas will be very different this year compared to the years before. That being said I believe we can be even more intentional with our giving… find the perfect gift guide for this season here.

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what to do this fall and christmas season

What to do this Fall and Christmas season

Posted: 27. November 2020

You might start asking yourself what to do this Fall and Christmas season with no new Cafés to try out or Christmas markets to go to. Since this “lockdown light” has been extended until Christmas I thought I would put together a list of things we still can do to make the most of this season and enjoy it as much as possible.

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dream italian honeymoon

Our dream Italian honeymoon

Posted: 13. November 2020

When I was a little girl, my family would go camping in Italy in the summer. Sometimes we would go into town at night and there I would watch couples strolling along the promenade being in love. I thought to myself that this is the ultimate romance and dreamt of going to Italy with my husband one day. I wanted a dream Italian honeymoon.

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honeymoon reading list

Hello from our Honeymoon – sort of

Posted: 25. September 2020

We are still on our honeymoon in Italy but wanted to put together a honeymoon reading list of sorts for you. Since I did not do a birthday post for the blog this year I thought this is a great chance to put together a list of YOUR favorite blogs from last year.

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