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honeymoon reading list

Hello from our Honeymoon – sort of

Posted: 25. September 2020

We are still on our honeymoon in Italy but wanted to put together a honeymoon reading list of sorts for you. Since I did not do a birthday post for the blog this year I thought this is a great chance to put together a list of YOUR favorite blogs from last year.

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I did not say yes to the dress

The story about my dress

Posted: 21. August 2020

I did not say yes to the dress at my first bridal salon visit. I did not even have my “moment” with a dress but here is the story about how I got my dress right before the world went on lockdown – or at least Germany did.

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we forget to breathe


Posted: 15. May 2020

Sometimes we forget to breathe. Before the COVID 19 crisis, we were all stuck in this hamster wheel of just running all the time and filling our calendars to the brim and not slowing down. Then the pandemic hit and forced us all to slow down in many areas.

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