what to do with your life as a single

What to do with your life as a single

Posted: 16. April 2021 by Ramona

Hello friends it is about time I did a blogpost again on what to do with your life as a single. This blog started with me being single, expanding my life, going after my dreams and in the midst of this I got engaged, planned a wedding and got married last year.

But that does not change the mission of this blog to encourage you to have abundance in every seasons of life because *spoiler alert” life is not about your relationship status.

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we forget to breathe


Posted: 15. May 2020

Sometimes we forget to breathe. Before the COVID 19 crisis, we were all stuck in this hamster wheel of just running all the time and filling our calendars to the brim and not slowing down. Then the pandemic hit and forced us all to slow down in many areas.

escape real life


Posted: 1. May 2020

Who else wanted to escape real life lately? I know I have. In fact last week it was all I wanted to do. I did not want to look at my phone or at my computer or any screen for that matter. All I wanted to do was escape reality and live in a world of my own. But then my heart started to shift…

remember when we used to

Remember when we used to…

Posted: 24. April 2020

In my house, we started saying things like «remember when we used to…» and then we insert things like «take a trip to the Atlantic», «go shopping in France» or «have coffee with a friend». We say it jokingly but also with a yearning.

I am engaged

I am engaged!

Posted: 3. April 2020

My plan was to take some pretty pictures and do a pretty announcement. However, these are special times and I want to interrupt the stream of news today with some happy news!