About me

Hi, I am Ramona and I am from the South of Germany where we have long summers, good wine and lots of small towns.
When I was little I dreamt of getting married at the age of 21 and having kids by the age of 24 – just like my mom.

Well, fast forward to my 30s and I was still single. During that time I worked through a whole lot of personal stuff and just learned to be myself and learned that my relationship status or the season of life I am in does not determine my worth or value of life. My worth is defined by a God who says that I am wonderfully and fearfully created and who has plans for me to prosper and not perish.

On the verge of 2019 I fell in love with my best friend. We got engaged and married in 2020 and so I  embarked on the biggest adventure yet.

The purpose of the blog has not changed since I started it in 2018 – to encourage you to have abundance in every season of life and to celebrate YOU

Oh yes, celebrating. I have friends over on the regular and we celebrate, we gather around my big farm table for amazing feasts or around the coffee table for popcorn and movies or we heat up the grill and spend our time outside. Because sharing life with people especially if you’re single might just be the most important thing. You know, the kind who make you a better person.

I would honestly be honored and delighted to be your friend (and cheerleader) from afar and celebrate YOU and the season you’re in because there is beauty to be found in them all.

On this blog you will find inspirational posts on how to live life as a single whether that be “I’m single”, “It’s complicated” or “in a relationship but not married”. There will also be tips and inspiration for gathering people around the table and I would love to get to know YOU and what’s on your mind.
So, can we be friends?


Why “tableseasons”

This name actually has a very personal meaning to me. To me the table represents so many things. It means family and friends and the life giving conversations and nurture you receive when sharing it. But it also means the table which sometimes I share only with myself. To me the table represents abundance.
I also believe that there are seasons to life and just as in nature beauty can be found in any season whether that be you giving up on everything you thought your life would look like or flourishing in every area of your life.
Either way I hope that there are tables to share in any seasons of life.

7 random facts about me

  1. I LOVE coffee and believe in buying directly traded coffee
  2. I eat homemade popcorn every single Sunday night
  3. Dancing with the stars is my guilty pleasure (queue the spraytans and glitter please)
  4. I am such a nerd (The Flash is my favorite superhero) and have allegedly once researched time travel.
  5. I grew up listening to Tina Turner, Grease 2 and the Rocky 3 soundtrack so on occasion I bust those out for epic dance parties in my pajamas of course
  6. I could probably eat cheese and crackers for the rest of my life.
  7. I am a (hopeless) romantic and totally dig good costume drama. Pride & Prejudice anyone?