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The 2021 tableseasons gift guide

Posted: 11. December 2021 by Ramona

I am calling this year’s gift guide the cozy gift guide. This year I did not want to give you an overload on ideas but really focus in on things I think we can always give sprinkled with some special books and art.

I am trying to remind myself lately to focus on the simple things, to not make things to complex or complicated. I have been learning to let things go and also to trust. So going into this Christmas season although we are already in the midst of it I am reminding myself that I give gifts because I have been given the greatest gift of all – Jesus.

That is why – like every year – I try not to just buy a bunch of stuff but give things which are useful, helpful and meaningful. I try to DIY where I can and I try to be as intentional as possible.

With that being set let’s jump in to this year’s cozy gift guide.

The cozy gift guide

cozy gift guide
  1. DIY gift can be such a special gift and I tried my hands on making some polymer clay dishes. This is a tutorial for how you can make them or somehting similar.
  2. I have been collecting special ornaments for years and there is rarely a year I don’t gift them on Christmas. I love these by Zara Home
  3. This is a beautiful study of the biblical book Ephesians in German. There are other studies here too.
  4. Who doesn’t love a good journal? I found these gorgeous journals the other day and just had to put them on the cozy gift guide.
  5. For all my coffee lovers there is not such thing as having too many coffee makers. This french press is simply gorgeous and would look amazing on your table while you journal.
  6. There is also no such thing as too many cups. I bought these on a pottery market this fall and had to share. They are perfect.
  7. The perfect gift? A pajama. Just like I gift Christmas ornament, I gift pajamas every year and this one by mango looks so cozy.
  8. My friend Alyssa has a new collection of art pieces and they are amazing and would make such a beautiful gift as well.

This is it, friends, your 2021 cozy gift guide. I hope it inspires you in your giving this Christmas. And let’s not forget to slow down this seasons and take time to ponder about the beauty of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Much love

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