diy olive branch wreath

DIY Advent wreath N° 2 (easy)

Posted: 4. December 2021 by Ramona

Today I am coming to you with a whole new DIY for an olive branch wreath for Advent. If you remember I made this Advent wreath a couple of years ago but this year I wanted to make something else. Something really simple that was also simple to make.
The traditional way to go is a wreath with four candles on it, but I wanted keep the wreath very natural and more filigrane. In the past I had always used very dark black or rustic candles and wanted to switch this up to honeywax taper candles. I love their texture and color and the way the go so well with the olive branches.

So here is the tutorial for my 2021 Advent wreath

diy olive branch wreath

DIY olive branch wreath tutorial

What you will need

  • a straw wreath
  • fresh olive branches
  • shears
  • green wire

Start by prepping your materials. Then clip the olive branches in smaller sections of different length. Mine were between 10cm and 20cm.

diy olive branch wreath

Unroll some of the wire but don’t cut it. Start by placing a few branches on the wreath and roll the wire around the ends of the branches. Then add some more branches and hide the ends under the other branches and keep rolling the wire. You also want to make sure to hide your wire a bit by rolling underneath the branches.
Another thing I did was adding branches more to the top, the sides and the bottoms so that when you look at it, the whole straw wreath is covered in branches.
Once you have gone around the wreath I keept adding more branches in areas that felt too lose or sparse to create more texture and volume.

diy olive branch wreath

I also made sure that some of the longer branches stood out a bit to give it a “wilder” look. When you are happy with your wreath you can go ahead and cut the end of your wire and stick it in to hide the end.
You can now either tie some pretty ribbon around it and hang it on a door (which I have also done) or you can place it on your table and put some brass candleholders in the middle with taper candles of your choice.
If you prefer a more traditional look you can stick candle holders directly on the wreath.

diy olive branch wreath

And that is it friends your olive branch wreath for advent.

Much love


diy olive branch wreath

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