why we gather

Why we gather

Posted: 19. November 2021 by Ramona

It is this time of year where my head spins around coming together around the table and I wanted to take a moment today to talk about why we gather.

If you have been part of tableseasons for a while you know how much I love the community and fellowship that happens around the table. This blog is called tableseasons because of this and because of all the seasons we go through in life that we share at the table.

This year instead of bringing you a big Friendsgiving feast I wanted to encouarge oyu with something I wrote many years back in a book I gifted my friends and then, round up all the fun Friendsgiving of the past for you to be inspired.

The importance of why we gather

When we have true, real, godly fellowship and sit together around a table and break bread together and nourish our bodies, then God is in the midst of us, because where we come together in His name, there He is and when we come with an open heart and listen with open ears and allow each other to speak life, encouragement and exhortation into our lives, then we walk away from the table changed. Then these evenings are important steps on the way to becoming better people and leaders, mothers and fathers, sisters, daughters and friends. Because God wants to use us when we come together like this. I love these evenings, when things go deep, when we grow together, when tears flow and when we laugh together. Such evenings fulfill me more than anything else. We get to learn from each other and share life and change our world together.

With that being sad, may be be open this season of gathering and really listen to each other. If you need some inspiration on how and what to do and cook here is list of all the Friendsgivings of the past.

An Atlantic inspired feast

A German friendsgiving

Friendsgiving for two

Friends, I hope my words about why we gather encouraged you today. They are a good reminder for.

Much love

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