30 day slow morning challenge

Our 30 day slow morning challenge

Posted: 3. September 2021 by Ramona

If you are following me on Instagram, you probably saw that Timo and I did a 30-day slow morning challenge. If you want to know the why and how and what behind it and most importantly how it helped us then keep on reading.

When we married last year, we slipped right into a Covid lockdown in October and all throughout winter, which is why we did not have “normal” rhythms to our life, and we were still trying to figure it all out. Then everything started opening up and we found ourselves in some sort of transition time. It certainly felt like I was chasing time, trying to figure out this new life and schedule, routines and rhythms. 

I am not a morning person

I have always liked the ideas of a slow morning, of be intentional of taking time in the morning to just be and ease into the day. The reality is I am not a morning person. I have never been one. I like sleeping in. It is hard for me to get out of bed and it takes me a while to come to my senses in the morning. The morning are my most silent times of the day. 

Timo on the other hand is a total morning person. He jumps out of bed full of energy and ready to get going. He has always had a slow morning routine which, well… sort of stopped when we got married. That is partially because the alarm clock was in my hands.

Fast forward to July and we realized we needed to make a little bit of a change to slow down and get things back in order, which started with finally having a shared calendar to me giving over the control of the alarm clock to him.

It was then that we decided to challenge ourselves to a 30 day slow morning challenge where we wake up a 6 am, start the day with some easy stretches to get the blood flowing and then read our bibles together and separately and take some time for journaling. 

What is the takeaway of our 30-day slow morning challenge?

I will be honest it was hard. Timo practically had to force me out of bed every single morning and had it not been for him I would have definitely given up. However, we made it (except for one instance when we fell asleep reading and forgot to set the alarm).

One thing I loved was getting back into journaling. It even took me some practice to be able to express myself and let my emotions and thoughts flow freely.

Once we got into the rhythm of it, it did get a little easier and the desire to get up was bigger than wanting to stay asleep.

I loved our Saturday mornings when we got up before everybody else and saw the sunrise over the hills. It really made our days and weekends feel extra long and more relaxing. The choice to get up at 6 am on the weekend as well was perfect. That way we had our rhythm.

I loved how we had time each morning and did not have to rush to get out the door but were able to ease into the morning every day.

Now for the big question if we will continue with this routine. We are still on vacation so our routine now is a little bit different, but once we get back to work, I know we will because it was so good for us. We will not be as restrictive with the weekends obviously but it was good to get back into a good rhythm and finding new routines (getting up this early is definitely a new routine for me).

I just love that I get to implement new habits that I did not have before. All thanks to my husband 🙂

Much love


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  • Joshua Grubb 13. September 2021 at 17:59

    That’s an awesome reminder, and an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

    • Ramona 16. September 2021 at 15:39

      Thank you


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