things to do before the end of summer

Things to do before the end of summer

Posted: 13. August 2021 by Ramona

Has summer just started? It sort of feel like it because the weather has not been nice this whole summer but since it has finally arrived I wanted to share a few things to do before the end of summer.

You ready? Let’s go

5 things to do before the end of summer

  1. Have a picnic with your friends, your kids or your spouse. Get out there; eat food in the fields or on a mountain. You could bring some games and play badminton or throw a football. Alternatively, bring some music and dance in the field. That is what we did last week.
things to do before the end of summer

2. Go on a bike ride. To me riding a bike is almost like therapy especially during those warm summer nights. You could even ride your bike to the picnic and call it a win win.

things to do before the summer ends

3. If you have never grilled your pizza, you are really missing out. It is such a fun thing and there are endless topping options. I usually make the pizzas on the smaller side to the more options for topping.

4. Summer time is the best time for starting to write a journal. You can find out how to start here and here

5. If you want to get better at just sitting still, I really recommend starting on a summer night in nature.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and tag me on Instagram if you do any of these thing before the end of summer.

Much love

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