purpose and calling

Purpose & calling living here and now

Posted: 27. August 2021 by Ramona

You guys!! If you are part of my table you already know what is coming while I am roadtripping through Slovenia. My sweet sweet friend, former flatmate and all around absolutely wonderful person, Melina, is finally a guest here on tableseasons. This has been a long time coming and I am so excited that she is sharing about “Finding your purpose and calling here and now”. She started her podcast “Leben – jetzt und hier” last year and it has been such a blessing and such a help for so many. So I highly recommend going over there to listen to all her episode after you read the blog. So without

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transition time

Oh sweet transition time

Posted: 20. August 2021

If you have known me for a little bit you have probably heard me talk about the in between time, the sweet transition time. As we go through seasons in life, there will be seasons of transition.