5 recipes to make this spring

5 recipes you have to make this Spring

Posted: 7. May 2021 by Ramona

I put together this list of 5 recipes to make this Spring because sometimes we can get in a rut of cooking and having fresh and new ideas. I like variety and I like to cook fresh and clean (most of the time), seasonal and healthy.

Winter was dragging on for so long that it took forever for all the amazing produce to come up. I was so happy to have more varieties of salad and cucumbers and herbs.

To help you out for your next week or month of cooking here is a list of my top 5 of late.

5 recipes to make this Spring

  1. These blueberry muffins have been such a go to lately.

2. This easy greek sheet pan chicken souvlaki and potatoes is great when you have a little more time on a weeknight and stores well for leftovers.

3. This chicken and ricenoodles is a great weeknight dinner option for when you have little time and want something full of flavor.

4. Chicken and potatoes are always great especially when paired with whipped feta. It literally make you want to lick your plate.

5. A green hummus that is really great for snacking and gives a great twist to a regular hummus.

Friends, let’s get cooking with these 5 recipes. I would love to see some of yours in the comments below for more inspiration.

Much love

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