you need some inspiration

You need some inspiration

Posted: 30. April 2021 by Ramona

Do you need some inspiration? I don’t know about you but sometimes I find myself aimlessly surfing the internet, scrolling through pinterest not knowing what I am looking for. I think I am looking for a spark, a new project, recipe, thing or even song. That is why I thought I would show up today and bring you some of those to spark your inspriation and maybe your Friday internet surfing.

you need some inspiration

We started the process of remaking our guest bedroom/office/room to the outdoor patio and I am pinning all the vibes on this pinterest board.

Isn’t this phone amplifier just so pretty. I want one.

I have been really into DIYing thing lately and just learn a few more things like painting these vases you see in the picture above but I would really like to try making these paper mâche bowls. Speaking off this YouTube channel and this one have been really inspiring ofr all the DIYs.

Timo and I try to eat pretty clean and healthy most of the time and this blog has really helped to plan out our meal, melaprep and just find good and healthy recipes.

This album came out today and I am so happy about it. We also watched this movie the other day and it made me cry a lot because it its just really beautiful.

And if you need some inspiration personally and if you haven’t been here in a while here is what you might have missed:

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Alright friends, happy scrolling and surfing and I would love to get some of your links in the comments below for more inspiration on this rainy Friday.

Much love


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