what to do with your life as a single

What to do with your life as a single

Posted: 16. April 2021 by Ramona

Hello friends it is about time I did a blogpost again on what to do with your life as a single. This blog started with me being single, expanding my life, going after my dreams and in the midst of this I got engaged, planned a wedding and got married last year

But that does not change the mission of this blog to encourage you to have abundance in every seasons of life because *spoiler alert” life is not about your relationship status. 

In the past I have talked about how to be single in your 20s and 30s and I have also talked about the problem of being single but today I really wanted to send an encouragement to you especially if you are single to help you look beyond your plate and live a life of abundance.

Sometimes we have the tendency to put life into boxes like “single”, “married”, “student”, etc. when I like to think of life in seasons and as a journey we are on. When I view it that way certain things (like being married) do not become the end goal but part of the journey of our life. 

At the same time every season and ever part of the journey brings different opportunities and availability. I wrote about some of that here. 

Life being married is different and I am not as independent as I used to be and that is a good thing just as being independent is. 

With that being said I put together a list of what to do with your life as a single because you are independent and now is the time to work on yourself during this season.

What to do with your life as a single

Build strong and lasting friendships

I think this is the No. 1 most important thing you should do as a single person. Investing into friendships. It is hard work I know and people will disappoint you but find your tribe and spend time with them, be actively involved in their lives and open up to them.

Invest your time wisely

As a single you definitely have more time on your hands than somebody with kids but you still need to make sure to invest your time wisely. I actually encourage saying yes more often than no but at the same time knowing your boundaries and also making time for yourself to learn to be by yourself.

Know how to rest

I am not contradicting my previous point but as singles some of us have the tendencies to say yes to too many things (guilty over here) and then running out of energy and creativity to give. Now is the time to learn how you find rest the best. Whether that is an evening during the week all by yourself or a walk in the park. You need to find out your boundaries because that will help you stay refreshed. 

Find something you love and do it

This is basically the essence of this blog. I want to do something creative, I wanted to put myself out there. If there is something that you love doing, go for it. Don’t be scared. Just do it. Whether that is creating music, starting a podcast, taking pottery lessons. I highly encourage you to do something fun for yourself.


This goes for every season but I think when you are single you have the time and resources to explore from your backyard to the ends of your world. I know traveling has become so hard during this pandemic but I urge you to be creative and explore, see the world around you.

And that is it my friends. I really hope this encouraged you so much today. I know all of these things always helped me enjoy my season of singleness. 

Much love


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