4 things to do this spring

4 things to do this spring

Posted: 26. March 2021 by Ramona

It is officially Spring and even though nature is taking it slow this year here are 4 things to do this spring 2021.

For many of us Spring 2021 does not look much different than Spring of 2020 so I tried my best to put together your annual list of activities to get us excited about Spring.

4 Things to this Spring 2021

4 things to do this Spring 2021

1. Go outside as much as possible 

This winter as felt long and cold (at least for me) so I cannot wait to get outside as much as possible to go for hikes, walks, spend time in the backyard and soak up as much of this warming sun as possible.

4 things to do this Spring 2021

2. Buy yourself some flowers to bring the outside in

One of the best things lately has been the big bouquet of flowers in my living room. It gives me joy every time I see it. And with flower markets open again let us support them and fill our houses with the prettiest of flowers while working from home. 

4 things to do this Spring 2021

3. Find a home project to tackle or do some spring cleaning

Whenever spring hits I start redecorating and I like everything to be clean and fresh and new. Do you feel that way too? We have been doing a lot of different projects at home and next I want to try the current pottery trend

4. Plant something

This is probably on every Spring bucket list I make because there is such beauty in putting plants in the ground and seeing them grow and bring fruit. I feel like there is a message in that for me.

What is on your list of things to do this spring 2021? I would love to hear from you and if you do please tag me on instagram or use #tableseasons

I believe for you and me it is going to be the best spring.

Much love


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