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How to start journaling part II

Posted: 5. February 2021 by Ramona

Lately I have really gotten into journaling again so I thought I would share a few tips on how to start journaling especially if you have kind of stopped doing it. 

On part 1 of tips on how to start journaling I am already sharing a few basics and I wish this is what I do everyday but I don’t.

Truth be told last year I rarely journaled which is crazy because I got engaged and married and all. But with everything that was going on I sometimes felt I did not have the energy to sit down and write. Then all my thoughts and things that happened accumulated and when I did journal it turned into hour long writing sessions because there was so much to catch up.

But I really wanted to get back into journaling especially because my husband is so good at it. He literally writes every single morning. 

So here is how I started back into journaling.

Tips on how to start journaling again

Find a routine

This is the one thing that has helped me the most. Timo and I now get up extra early almost every morning to read our bibles, pray together and journal. Having this routine has helped me to actually find time to journal. 

Just write a few sentences

I have found that sometimes just writing one sentence or one thought that is on my heart is sometimes enough because it helps me process in that moment. And sometimes on the weekends when there is a little more time I write more but I don’t have pressure to do it.

Find a prompt

Lately I have been reading quite a bit in this book/magazine and there were tons of prompts to write about in there. One prompt was to listen to a song you love, soak it up completely and then journal about how that experience was for you. There were others with imagination and they have really helped me be more creative and process some things I didn’t know I had to process.

That is why I want to finish this post on how to start journaling with a prompt for you:

Open a window or go outside into nature. Watch the trees, the birds, the fields around you. Take in the moment completely. What are thoughts that come up. What are you sad, happy or thankful about? Now journal about it.

Would love to hear all about your experiences.

Much love

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