how to say creative when life stands still

How to stay creative when life stands still

Posted: 29. January 2021 by Ramona

Hello friends I am back from my winter break ready to create again. Maybe you are like me wondering how to stay creative when life stands still.

Days seem to blend into each other because they are pretty much the same. There are less adventures and nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen. On top of that we are not traveling and not meeting a lot of people or having time around the table with others.

If you are like me you draw inspiration from all of the above and staying creative becomes more and more difficult. I have taken less pictures last year than the years before and lately I have been wondering how I can stay creative. Life stands still so it seemed. 

This is why I thought I would come back here and encourage us because I am right there with you – I need to be encouraged.  I also long for adventure and new places and travel and people but right now we have to sit tight and find new ways and new paths of creativity and inspiration in a new and meaningful way.

How to stay creative when life stands still

Stay the course and just keep creating

One thing I have found with creativity is that I cannot force it. It ebbs and flows. All I have to do is to keep going forward, leaning in allowing the process. We have not reached the end of this pandemic season yet so I just want to encourage you to keep pressing, keep creating. Not everything needs to be for the public eye. Some things are only for you and they help you grow.

Creativity might look different now

We really need to change our perspective, stay flexible and be ready to change our approach. Your creativity may have looked a certain way a year ago and that is ok but it is also ok to accept that we are changing and that your creative expression may change.

Find inspiration everywhere

This is something I definitely need to get better at. Sometimes all it takes is lifting our head, looking around us, seeing texture and material, listening to conversations, talking on the phone, watching the wind in the trees or the snow fall down. I need to learn to stay open to these moments, to see the beauty and inspiration in all of them.

Create your own adventures

Venture outside your front door. Bring a journal, a camera, a sketch book, your instrument or nothing at all. Go outside and enjoy your life. Do not think about posting and sharing and making everything public but be there in the moment and create your own adventure. 

Do not stop dreaming

When everything stands still and we cannot see the end of it we sometimes stop dreaming. I want to encourage us to keep on dreaming your wildest dreams of places to go, things to do and changing the world. Keep those dreams fresh. Sit still and start imagining. Our imagination is a powerful tool and we must use it for faith and trust.

Write a journal

I wrote about how to write a journal before and I am planning to do part 2 of that soon. When all the days seem to blend into each other writing a journal can help us find the special in every day, it can help us track our dreams and it can ignite that creativity in us.

I am sure there are far more than 6 things to stay creative when life stands still and I would love for you to share them in the comments below. Let us start this year with a freshness in creating and finding the Creator in creation. Let us not limit creativity to art but find new and fresh was to stay creative.

Much love



  • Claudio 30. January 2021 at 11:51

    Wow, Ramona, thank you so much for this encouraging reminder!

    Here are some things, that seem to help me to stay creative:

    Play a game, you haven’t played for years.
    We recently played a board game we used to love when we were kids. Since I see things differently now, I used a new strategy – it worked out pretty well, btw ;).
    You could also listen to an album, you used to like 10 years ago, or cook a meal that you haven’t had in years.
    I also really enjoy to ask people questions, that I have never asked them before. Coming up with these questions and listening to what they have to say is so interesting!

    … and even if all this doesn’t help with staying creative – it is so much fun! 🙂

    • Ramona 31. January 2021 at 10:38

      Thank you Claudio! These are some awesome ideas!!!


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