2020 gift guide for meaningful giving

The 2020 tableseasons gift guide

Posted: 4. December 2020 by Ramona

Here it is friends, your 2020 gift guide for meaningful giving. As we all know this is a special and very different year and for many of us Christmas will be very different this year compared to the years before.

That being said I believe we can be even more intentional with our giving. I always say that we do not have to fall into a consumerism trap and start buying stuff like crazy. I believe gifts are not about stuff, but about giving someone joy, making their day better and telling them how much you care about them.

When I think about Christmas and how the greatest gift of all was that Jesus took on human form and literally moved into the neighborhood my heart is so full of thankfulness for the life I get to live because of that. Out of that perspective I want to be a blessing to others not just my friends and family but beyond that. I personally do that by giving to my church but there are so many other ways for you to donate to local and global ministries. 

In light of all this I put together this 2020 gift guide for meaningful giving. You will find things to buy, things to make and bake and a whole section to support your local businesses.

The 2020 gift guide for meaningful giving

Food related gifts

Baking cookies or cake for someone became instantly better this year. There might be some people in your life you have not seen in months because of restrictions. Baking something for them gives you the best reason to simply ring their doorbell and deliver a box of baked goods. If baking is not your thing there are other options on here as well.

2020 gift guide for meaningful giving
  1. Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies. You can bake these by Halfbaked Harvest and deliver them straight to someones doorstep.
  2. For the cake bakers I included a citrus cake by 2 Red Bowls
  3. Christmas markets might be cancelled this year but you can give someone a Christmas market in a box through Box voll Liebe
  4. Your foodie friends will love you for getting this handy tool. Timo and I use it all the time
  5. Wine from a local vinyard
  6. There might be now movie nights with friends this Christmas but bring them some popcorn and virtually watch a movie together
  7. I can only highly recommend a coffee subscription from coffeecircle

Wellness gifts

If we ever stayed at home it was 2020 so all the wellness gifts are for making being at home even better. From flowers to showers (:-)). Your friends and their dogs will like this list.

2020 gift guide for meaningful giving
  1. DIY Himalayan Pink Salt Detox Bath Soak
  2. DIY Lavender Lemonade Body Spray
  3. DIY Fall Potpourri with Dried Fruit + Nuts
  4. Shampoo for you and your dog by Aesop
  5. A flower subscription by bloomydays

The gift of words and pictures

There are some book that we admire but would never buy for ourselves because we might not “need” them but they are pretty to look like. That is exactly why you should gift them to someone. And a good cookbook is always fun.

2020 gift guide for meaningful giving
  1. The culture of van life
  2. The Kinfolk garden
  3. Live Beautiful
  4. Atlas of Animal adventures
  5. Japan the cookbook
  6. The infinite game
  7. He reads truth
  8. Rosemood photo book
  9. 6 Minuten Journal

Support your local businesses

A lot of our local business have really suffered this year escpecially your favorite restaurants and cafés. But you can be part of the solution and help for them by buying gift cards.

2020 gift guide for meaningful giving

Here are just 3 of my favorites if you happen to live in the Black Forest area but this is really for you and where you live.

  1. Taberna – Timo and I ate here when we got engaged
  2. This sweet café
  3. the baths

This is it friends. I hope this 2020 gift guide for meaningful giving is an inspiration for you and helps you get creative in your giving. Find the 2019 gift guide here and the 2018 gift guide here for even more inpiration.

Much love


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