what to do this fall and christmas season

What to do this Fall and Christmas season

Posted: 27. November 2020 by Ramona

You might start asking yourself what to do this Fall and Christmas season with no new Cafés to try out or Christmas markets to go to. Since this “lockdown light” has been extended until Christmas I thought I would put together a list of things we still can do to make the most of this season and enjoy it as much as possible.

I realized there are still a whole lot of things you can do from last year’s list so go and check that out too.

What to do this Fall and Christmas season

diy advent wreath

Make a wreath for Advent and light a candle ever Sunday. I encourage you to make it special and take a few moments of gratitude every Advent Sunday to reflect on the week behind and the week before us.

Bake a cake for a friend. We might not all be allowed together but no reason not to nourish your friendship by going over to deliver a cake. 

Support your local food industry by getting take out as much as your budget really allows or go and buy a gift card for someone else for Christmas

what to do this fall and Christmas season
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If you happen to live in the Basel area in Switzerland you can ride the big ferris wheel they set up despite everything

Watch a Fall movie. I put together a list for you last year.

If you are so over movies by now why not start playing board games? Yep, you heard it here I suggested board games 🙂

We have all become big “walkers” this year, haven’t we. Why not continue and get out to get some fresh air. 

Decorate your Christmas tree and make your house/apartment extra special for Christmas.

Make a photobook to gift someone for Christmas. I think this is really pretty .

what to do this fall and Christmas season

Throw a friendsgiving gathering with 1 other person or your immediate family. Make it a special meal and let everyone share what they are thankful for.

Speaking of Friendsgiving… There are 2 winners to reveal so drumroll please… the winners of this year’s Friensgiving giveaway are: Pauline and Rebekka I will write you a personal message and let you know all the details. 

That is it with what to do this Fall and Christmas season. Do you have any suggestions of your own? Write them down in the comments below.

Much love


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