friendsgiving for two

Friendsgiving for two + a GIVEAWAY

Posted: 20. November 2020 by Ramona

friendsgiving for two

It is 2020 and with all the restrictions going around I decided to throw a friendsgiving for two this year. 

It has been quite the year when it comes to gatherings and I realized friendsgiving will not be like 2018 or 2019. I still wanted to throw a friendsgiving though because even though we cannot gather like we used to I still believe in gathering around the table. We might have to find new ways to do it. So with this friendsgiving for two I want to encourage you whether you are single, dating or married to find time and make room for time around the table to share stories, heartfelt moments, emotions good or sad and enjoy a meal together. I especially want to encourage those of you who are single to host a friendsgiving for two and open your home for another person.

friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two

Setting the table

As there were just two of us at this friendsgiving dinner I had to find a way to make our large table a bit smaller but I really wanted to keep it very simple this year. There was no tablecloth or table runner or real flowers. Just real life and real dinner. We still had a lot of leftovers from our wedding arch (which you will see soon) and used these to make the table smaller giving the food center stage. The table tiles are sicilian tiles we got on our honeymoon and we always love to have them on our table. The golden cutlery is vintage and was a wedding gift. 

Again with this tablescape I really just want to encourage you that it does not take much to make a table pretty. Use what you have and enjoy it with some candles and pretty napkins.

friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two

Friendsgiving for two means date night

Timo and I decided to have “date night in” every week since we got married and that means that we have been cooking together every Friday. “Date night in” usually starts by putting on a record, getting our knives out and start cooking. Dancing is always involved and with our Friendsgiving date night, we just dressed up and made it fancy. Friends gave us this book for our wedding and we love it and started with all the fall recipes. One of which inspired this year´s menu and is perfect for a friendsgiving for two. 

friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two
friendsgiving for two

The friendsgiving menu

Fall crudités with creamy olive tapenade paired with an apple flip cocktail

Roasted red onions with golden raisin gremolata
Chanterelle pot pie

Grandma’s Apple Cake with maple cream

All the recipes were from the Date Night in book by Ashley Rodriguez from this blog which brings me to the giveaway.

The friendsgiving giveaway (closed)

friendsgiving for two giveaway

I have given the book “Date Night in” to many couples on weddings because I love the idea behind it and love cooking together. Then our friends gave it to us and now we are cooking out of it and we absolutely love it!

Which is why I want to bless you with it as well and will be giving away 2 copies of the book Date night in.

Here is how to enter the giveaway:

  1. Follow me on instagram
  2. Tag a friend in the comments of my latest post. The more times you leave a comment and tag a friend, the better chance you have.

And that is it, friends – the Friendsgiving for two.

Much love


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