honeymoon reading list

Hello from our Honeymoon – sort of

Posted: 25. September 2020 by Ramona

We are still on our honeymoon in Italy but wanted to put together a honeymoon reading list of sorts for you. Since I did not do a birthday post for the blog this year I thought this is a great chance to put together a list of YOUR favorite blogs from last year. Kind of as a reading a 

Honeymoon reading list

You still love my post on how to set your past on fire

When I told you the truth about dating a much younger man

The one where I shared some pretty big news

And the one where I told our Engagement Story

When we talked about how to start journaling – a good reminder for myself

When I shared about the problem with being single

And what it is like dating again after such a long time

And finally the one where I came back

I hope you like this honeymoon reading list and I look forward being back with you.

Much love


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