staying pure until marriage

We are staying pure until marriage

Posted: 18. September 2020 by Ramona

We are finally here and I am getting married to my best friend tomorrow! This whole story is such a dream come true and so full of favor, love, grace, and healing I would not even know where to start.

However, the fact that I can write about this means that by tomorrow we will have made it. We have waited to have sex until we get married. We believe that is how God has designed it and there is so much beauty in the waiting. 

Staying abstinent was not only important to us, but something we decided together. Therefore, I felt so much more respected by Timo and I can trust him so much more because of it. We have shown each other that we were both in it together and that we can have self-discipline especially in this area not giving in because “it feels good”.

It gave our relationship the opportunity to grow deep without the physical oneness that can make you feel like you are close when you are actually not mentally or emotionally. 

Today I just want to share a few thoughts on how we did it.

How we stayed pure until marriage

We have a no shame policy meaning that from the get go we did not allow this subject to be covered up by shame but always bring everything into the light. 

We set boundaries very early on in our relationship and we did not set them up to go as far as possible but to make it as easy as possible for us.

We kept reevaluating the boundaries and adapted them if necessary. In other words, it was not a onetime conversation but an ongoing one where we were both able to share our feelings.

We helped each other and were strong for each other

And we had mentors and friends by our side to help us and keep us accountable.

I know this is a very rough summary of how we did it and I might share more in the future but hope this helps anyone wanting to stay pure until marriage. 

Much love



  • Joshua 20. September 2020 at 02:58

    I’m so proud of and happy for you, blessed to call you friend and to have been able to attend the wedding virtually. It was a beautiful ceremony. God bless.

    • Ramona 15. October 2020 at 16:15

      Thank you so much, friend!


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