I did not say yes to the dress

The story about my dress

Posted: 21. August 2020 by Ramona

I did not say yes to the dress at my first bridal salon visit. I did not even have my “moment” with a dress but here is the story about how I got my dress right before the world went on lockdown – or at least Germany did.

Growing up I always wanted to be like the empress Elisabeth of Austria in the movie series Sissi. I have watched this movie so many times. I always dreamed of wearing ball gowns and dancing the Viennese waltz 🙂 

However, I grew up and developed my own style in clothing, things I like, things that look good on me other things, which do not. 

When we got engaged, buying a dress was not on my list of first things to do but I found this amazing boutique in my town and more or less spontaneously decided to go by for a consulting appointment. I had my mom, future mother in law, my two maids of honor and my little niece with me. 

It was such a surreal moment and experience, which is probably why I could not and did not say yes to the dress that day. 

In all honesty, I was completely overwhelmed. These are the moments you cannot dream up or imagine how you would feel. In addition, it felt like a big decision. This was it. I was getting married and possibly buying a wedding gown. For my own wedding. Pinch me moment right there.

I tried on all kinds of dresses and it was like the show “say yes to the dress” except that I did not have a moment of breaking out in tears. The last dress I put on made everyone else cry but I needed a break.

I know all of that sounds really negative but trust me it was not. My head and my heart just could not keep up with what was actually happening. 

At the end of the day after having two dresses to finally make a decision about I walked away and 

I did not say yes to the dress

If you are someone like me who has dreamed all her life of getting married and it is all happening at once you might understand that it is a big thing and overwhelming and wonderful and emotional and all the things. I knew in that moment I needed to sleep over it. I needed to look at the pictures and imagine myself in a dress walking down the aisle, dancing and being the bride and not just the bridesmaid. 

I woke up the next morning and I knew my decision, called the place and went there again two days later. They let me try the dress on one more time and there I stood all by myself and I knew. I knew this was the dress I wanted to get married in. This was what I had wanted for so long. Therefore, I took it home unknowing that two days later all stores would close due to Covid 19. 

It was perfect timing and it has been hanging at my parent’s house for all these months now. I have looked at it so many times and every time I do, I get excited and happy and cannot believe that I will be wearing this. 

It is not always the big emotional moments, but the small ones where the head and the heart slowly catch up and realize that dreams are coming true.

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