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It is a new season for tableseasons

Posted: 31. July 2020 by Ramona

Friends, I am back and so excited for everything that is next. If you saw my IGTV Video, you already know it took me a minute to process the fact that I am embarking on the biggest adventure yet. I am getting married to my best friend.
Being in this new season, I really did not know what to write anymore and I felt like I was not creative anymore. However, I know I do want to share it all with you. I want to take you on this journey with me because this blog has always been about encouraging YOU.

So here is what you can expect the next few weeks as we are going into a new season

  • Our engagement story (comment any questions you might have about our engagement in the comments below)
  • An honest conversation about dating a younger man
  • How I found my dress
  • Our reaction to Covid 19 and wedding planning
  • It would not be me if I did not throw in a how to plan your own wedding

…and more other subjects about our attitude towards marriage and purity. I am super excited about sharing it all with you so stay tuned for a new season.

Much love

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