we forget to breathe


Posted: 15. May 2020 by Ramona

Sometimes we forget to breathe. Before the COVID 19 crisis, we were all stuck in this hamster wheel of just running all the time and filling our calendars to the brim and not slowing down. Then the pandemic hit and forced us all to slow down in many areas.

Yet I have realized that this made me follow the news like never before making sure I am always up to date with everything not missing one little nuance. It also put me under pressure to plan phone dates all the time and be online all the time. I am on my phone more, online more and in front of a screen at all times.

At the same time during the strict “quarantine times” there was added pressure to make sure to eat even healthier, because we are home more and to work out more and to make sure to not watch Netflix too much and so on and so forth.

Maybe we forget to breathe in all of this because there is so much pressure.
None of the above things are bad. Eating healthy is good, working out is good; being in touch with people is good. What is not good is shame about failure, pressure to be perfect and guilt.

How about we start to breathe again and take life, as it is – a process in which we allow ourselves to grow constantly and to keep moving forward.
I love Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Instagram because I am constantly encouraged of just this.

When we forget to breathe…

It is ok to put our phone down
It is ok to Close your eyes and daydream
It is ok to want to escape
It is ok not to want to socialize on the phone

I just want to encourage you to keep going, taking each day as it comes and not to forget to breathe. We are in this together.

Much love

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