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Posted: 1. May 2020 by Ramona

Who else wanted to escape real life lately? I know I have. In fact last week it was all I wanted to do. I did not want to look at my phone or at my computer or any screen for that matter. All I wanted to do was escape reality and live in a world of my own. I wanted to run from all responsibility and from conversations and just roam endless fields or find the ocean and swim in it.

That is because I am an extrovert with a love for hosting and a big imagination. And during this season it feels like I am stripped off of community and quality time with people despite of all the zoom calls and online gatherings. I appreciate them but they do not substitute a cooked dinner shared with friends around the table.

And so I struggled for a few days and I mourned. I wanted to escape real life. But you know what: That is ok. It is ok to feel sad and miss something and struggle. The question is what you do with it and decide to do with it.

I allowed my feelings, and then my fiancé and I escaped for a day trip to the mountains. We hiked and enjoyed the sun, talked and most of all we were away from our phones for the whole day. There were no screens only nature and birds and rocks and meadows and fresh air. My soul started to shift. Confirmation in my heart started to take place.

As you know I believe what we fill ourselves with is what comes out of us and so we must be careful of our input. Especially in times of crisis or struggle and hardship. Although my input was mostly good I realized I needed to up the game in order to be in a good place spiritually and emotionally and be the kind of friend I need to be during this time.

For me personally that currently meant changing my daily routine and get up earlier in the morning. It means spending even more time in God’s presence than I usually do.

I don’t know where you are on the spectrum of emotions right now but I want to challenge you to make a shift. I want you to ask yourself the following questions:

How much time do I spend in front of a screen?

When was the last time I just spend time in nature and listened to the sounds around me?

What changes do I need to make in my day to day life to keep my emotions in check?

Can I challenge you to make a shift?

We cannot escape real life but it is ok to escape for a day to recharge. I want to encourage you to be present, to be thankful and to keep dreaming.

Much love

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