remember when we used to

Remember when we used to…

Posted: 24. April 2020 by Ramona

In my house, we started saying things like «remember when we used to…» and then we insert things like «take a trip to the Atlantic», «go shopping in France» or «have coffee with a friend». We say it jokingly but also with a yearning.

I listed to this message last Sunday and it confirmed something I have been thinking as well. We yearn so much for what has been that we might be stuck in the past instead of being present right now and moving forward into the future.

Remember how this blog is about abundance in every season of life? Well, this might be a different season for all of us and some of us feel like we have been stripped of abundance and “all the things” that we feel are what make life beautiful.
While we feel like saying, “remember when we used…” I want us to remember that we can have abundance right now.

Remember when we used to choose abundance in every season of life

There is an abundance of joy because we choose joy every day. I want to encourage you to be a joy-spreader wherever you go.

There is an abundance of time because we do not overfill our calendars. Instead, we are forced to slow down and I believe this is where creativity will flow and dreams will start.

There is an abundance of hope because our hope is not on things we see but in Jesus.

Instead of saying “remember when we used to…” becomes: “I am living now” and “I am moving forward” and “this is my story.”
I hope this encourages you, friends.

Much love

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