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Easter – reduced but meaningful

Posted: 10. April 2020 by Ramona

As I am writing this I am thinking about how different Easter 2020 is. I am sitting on my veranda looking out into the hills and I see sheep and the forest and I hear the birds and my wind chime made of shells but other than that it is pretty quiet.

I am thinking about how last year Easter was a big celebration. I hand dyed 60 eggs with natural colors and had over 15 people over for brunch. It was a feast. It was beautiful and it was special. This year is very different. Easter is very different in 2020. It is quiet and calm. Easter this year is very reduced and simple. Somehow I find real beauty in this because it allows us all to think beyond the eggs and bunnies and the chocolate and remember the real reason for Easter. Jesus died and rose again from death because he loved us so much. He gave himself so we could find him, find life and freedom in him.

This year I am choosing to experience the miracle of Easter, the reality of Easter in a deeper more meaningful way. I want to encourage you to do the same. I want to encourage you to take some time today and remember. I want you to write down a few lines. I want you to text someone and tell them about the beauty of Easter.

My prayer for this weekend is that the beauty is in how different Easter 2020 is because we allowed our hearts to be open and our souls to experience true love.

Much love

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