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The human connection and making it through isolation

Posted: 27. March 2020 by Ramona

We are created for human connection and for community. We need it now more than ever yet the current state of our world is sending us all into isolation, staying at home.

I have been thinking about singles during this crisis a lot the last few days and how hard all of this hits those who live alone and now work alone at home. I have been thinking about how parched singles must be right now for touch. Sometimes all it needs is a hug to tell us all is well but right now, we are not permitted to do so. I saw this picture this week and it made me laugh but there is also so much truth in it.

When I first started dating again and he would just hug me, it was one of the most beautiful sensations because I did not know how empty my tank had been. To clarify my love language is touch and I am generally a very touchy person but he was just holding me and I did not even know how much I had been craving it.

I cannot even imagine how it must be to be living alone and not remembering the last time you have been touched.

This state can be hard and I really wanted to come on here today to encourage you and to give you some tips to keep the human connection alive albeit without physical touch.
Therefore, I went to the WHO website for help and I put together some really encouraging and helpful tips.

The human connection and making it through isolation

Keep the community

… but move it online. I have been on FaceTime, google hangouts, WhatsApp so much lately. Just the mere fact of laughing with other people is so good for the soul. I want to encourage you to no stop talking to people. Express how you are feeling, what you are thinking and talk to people you can trust.

That routine life

… just got more important. I would argue that most people need some sort of structure or routine in their day and according to the WHO, it is important to keep up routines even when you are just at home. I am all for planning a day and having structure. Get dressed as you normally would, eat healthy, drink lots of water, and work out at home. If you still can go for walks and runs outside to get some sun and fresh air. Open a window. Breathe slowly.

Measure your input

…. It will determine your output. I cannot stress this enough. What we consume with our eyes and ears will determine our thoughts and actions. It is important to stay informed but you do not need a constant flow of news and media and information. Set times apart where it is ok to read, hear or watch the news but measure it. Can I also encourage you to not binge watch shows but control our media input. Our time is still valuable.

Being creative

… is still important. So be creative. Start a journal; write a letter, draw a picture, redecorate, cook, and bake or do whatever keeps you creative. It is therapeutical. Trust me. Share your creativity with friends online

Practice gratefulness

… which is always a good practice. Gratefulness helps us look away from us and see the bigger picture. Also, do this with your friends on the phone.

Friends, there is so much more and so many more tips I could give you like this breathing exercise or shopping for your neighbor.

I hope these words encourage you and remind you that you are not alone in this. We are in fact in this tighter. All of us.

Much love


  • Joshua Grubb 29. March 2020 at 18:15

    Important reminders. Danke, Ramona.

    • Ramona 30. March 2020 at 09:14

      Thank you Joshua!


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