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This Valentine’s day will be different

Posted: 14. February 2020 by Ramona

Here we are one year later and Valentine’s Day is back. And so is the controversy. I have already heard “I hate V-Day” today and I have seen people fully commit to it.

Last year I already gave you the entire how to’s and my personal backstory of Valentine’s Day and I how I stopped hating it.

This year I want to come on here to simply encourage you.
If you are single, I want to remind you that you are more than your relationship status. Whether you really do not care about Valentine’s Day or it is a stark reminder of long lost dreams you are enough. You are full of potential and your life happens now.

Sometimes we get so worked up about a day like Valentine’s Day that we only focus on our own feelings or experiences from the past.
I want to remind us on a day like today to be thankful to be full of hope. I want to remind you that you cannot change your past but you can change your future by changing your attitude and the way you speak. This will help you change your narrative.

I started this blog to encourage you in whatever season you are in right now. My season may have changed from when I first started but I believe there is abundance in every season. Abundance just looks differently. It is up to me to change my attitude and my perspective.

On this note, can I remind us that apart from Valentine’s Day love is not about getting but about giving? That changes everything.

Therefore, I am leaving you today with a question we should all ask ourselves every single day:

How can I show love to world around me in a practical way?

Much love

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