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The Winter 2020 bucket list

Posted: 7. February 2020 by Ramona

For all of you who are missing the snow this year I put together this winter bucket list with only one snow item on it.

Honestly this is a strange winter with weekly temperature changes and absolutley no snow whatsoever. But it is still winter and as such should be celebrated which is why I put together this winter bucket list. I hope this gives you some inspiration for those dreary Saturdays when you do not want to watch another movie.

The fall 2020 bucket list

1. go skiing/snowboarding

I told you there was one thing on this list involving snow so if you live somewhat close to the slopes, plan a day trip.

winter bucket list

2. Visit a spa or the local baths

I know some people hate the spa or going tot he baths and some love it. Whatever spectrum you are on plan a relaxing evening just soaking and floathing in some warm water and bring out your inner mermaid or is that just me?

winter bucket list

3. Stay in bed all day long

Saturdays in the winter are a great excuse to stay in bed as long as possible. Have breakfast there, watch a movie, read a book or nap.

winter bucket list

4. Get cozy

One thing I love about the winter is big chunky sweaters, blankes and staying cozy inside with a hot tea. Light some candles, listen to your favorite record or read and watch a movie.

5. Enjoy Valentine´s day and don´t get bitter about it

I wrote about this here and we will have another conversation about this next week.

winter bucket list

6. Bring the outside in

Sometimes we just need some flowers or something green and it will make all the difference. Go to your local flower shop and pick up some fresh flowers or some dried flowers which will last you all winter long.

7. Visit a local museum or an interesting art exhibition

Next time you do not know what to do with your Saturday just drive to your local museum or art gallery and get inspired. There is so much beauty to be found.

There you have it friends. No more winter blues with this winter bucket list.

Much love

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