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Why you should sketch out your year and other things I’ve up to lately

Posted: 17. January 2020 by Ramona

I believe you should take some time this month and sketch out your year. You do not have to meticulously plan it but sit down and get an overview.

Unlike the years before I started this year a little uninspired but that does not mean that inspiration will not come it is just not time yet. Until it does I will do my very best to be diligent with my time and to keep on showing up.

One thing that really helps me to get inspiration for the year and see it from a bird’s perspective is to use a year calendar and sketch out my year with dreams, with times of rest, with times, I want to invest into other people and I just let it flow out of me. You can be as detailed and as rough as you want to be. However, this method will really help you to get an overview of where to be careful with your time and where you have extra time on your hands.

I want to really encourage you to try it out. Especially here at the beginning of the year. If sketching out your year in one-step is a little too much for you, why don’t you try 6 months and do it again in the summer.

Sketching out my year and other things, I have been up to

As you might or may not have realized I have been a little absent on social media lately. Not on purpose but somehow it just happened. I will be back I promise and I already have some fun things in mind.

What I have been doing instead is listening to this amazing podcast, especially the series called “the human connection”. Trust me it is so good.

I have also spent time at the baths, went rock climbing and finally got to watch this movie, which was amazing.

That is it for now friends. I hope you are inspired to sketch out your year and start it right. Here and here are a few posts from last year that will really help you in starting your year right.

Much love

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