picture of the sunrise over basel

I have nothing…

Posted: 10. January 2020 by Ramona

Except this gorgeous picture of the sunrise this morning over Basel.

The thing is sometimes you have to do things out of pure discipline not matter how you feel on the inside.

This week I felt like I have nothing to give creatively but I chose over a year ago that I would post every week and so far I have not missed a week. So today I am posting out of discipline hoping it inspires you to be creative not matter how you feel like.

And honestly this picture of the sunrise really helps.

Much love


  • Claudio 10. January 2020 at 23:55

    You did it again: Nailed it and spoke right into my situation. Thanks for sharing and encouraging!!

    • Ramona 12. January 2020 at 14:57

      Oh thank you so so much!!!!


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