2019 Christmas giveaway

The 2019 Christmas giveaway and a few words of encouragement

Posted: 20. December 2019 by Ramona

It is time for my 2019 Christmas giveaway and I am super excited about it. As you know, I believe in community and having people around the table to open up conversations about life, about the heart, about growing and about changing.

As I was reflecting about that I thought, how wonderful it would be if all of us started sharing the table more often. You all know that I love creating tables and making them pretty and I want to share that with all of you. Which is why I am giving away two beautiful hand-dyed table runners in the color of your choice (CLOSED).

2019 Christmas giveaway

With that being said there is really an intention behind the 2019 Christmas giveaway. I am just realizing again and again that as we gather and shed those layers around our hearts and our soul we can really grow. I have experienced this in my own life and I want to be the person who creates a place where that can happen.

A few words of encouragement

Therefore, as Christmas is only a few more days ahead you might be in a season where not everything is happy. Or Christmas is a time where you feel extra lonely. Last year I wrote a little something on why you do not have to be lonely on Christmas and I really hope it encourages you. I also wrote about enjoying Christmas as a single. There are some fun and encouraging tipps in there for you.

Today I just want to encourage you to be extra kind this Christmas, to be extra thankful for your life and to put the differences in your family aside as you gather around the table. I read something recently and knew I had to share it with you. Our words carry so much power. They can bring life and they can destroy. Let this Christmas time (and honestly every day of the year) be a time where you choose for your words to bring life.

2019 Christmas giveaway

Merry Christmas, friends and thank you for showing up here week after week.

Much love

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