make this Christmas count

Make this Christmas count

Posted: 13. December 2019 by Ramona

Time seems to be flying by and the last few days I was trying to think of creative ways to still make this Christmas count and slow down and finish this year in a thoughtful way.

There are some years where it seems to come really easily. There seems to be extra time to bake and watch your favorite Christmas movies or go to several Christmas markets and then there are times like this year where it feels like time is slipping away and it feels like squeezing in those fun Christmas activities.

That is why I have decided to put together a little list to encourage you and mostly myself that I can at least try to do a few of these things to make this Christmas count. I do not want it to be in a checklist kind of way but in way that allows me to slow down and breathe, reflect and meditate and be thankful for 2019.

Make Christmas count in a thoughtful way

Read the Christmas story

I have been reading in the gospel of Luke lately with the focus of learning more about Jesus. I want to encourage you to read the Christmas story in the Bible and really reflect what it means to you personally.

make this Christmas count

Create meaningful gifts

If you have read my gift guide for meaningful gifts, you already know my heart on giving on Christmas. I want to encourage you to be intentional and to give because you are thankful for the life you have been given.

make this Christmas count

Deck the halls

I am an atmosphere kind of person through and through. I love decorating and creating atmospheres not just for myself but also for others. Getting a Christmas tree and setting it up really helped me. I love my nostalgic collection of Christmas ornaments and look forward to unpacking them each year.

make this Christmas count

Bake Christmas cookies

Nothing slows you down like making dough, rolling it out, cutting it with cookie cutters and baking it. It is almost like therapy and I look forward to more baking in the next week. All while watching “Elf” which is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Visit a Christmas market – or your neighborhood

I may not have time to go to this amazing Christmas market in the Black Forest this year but if you can go outside and watch the Christmas lights in your neighborhood that means you are outside, taking a walk, breathing fresh air.

Friends, I want to encourage you to make this Christmas count as one of the best ones you had this far. Do not forget why we celebrate Christmas. Be intentional in taking time apart even if it just an hour.

Much love

PS: Make sure that you read my blog next week as it will be the 2019 Giveaway.

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