diy advent wreath

DIY Advent wreath (easy)

Posted: 6. December 2019 by Ramona

diy advent wreath

I really hope last week’s gift guide was helpful for you and you are already in full Christmas swing 🙂 As promised I am sharing my super simple DIY Advent wreath tutorial with you today.

It all started last year when I just wanted something else for my Advent wreath. You always somehow see more or less the same in the stores and while I love pine tree wreaths for their beautiful color I decided to go a different route.

This Advent wreath is very simple and does not require any affinity to crafting or working with flowers. If I can do it, you certainly can.

diy advent wreath

Easy Advent wreath tutorial

What you need

  • 1 grapevine wreath
  • 4 candles of your choice. You can go really traditional here and choose red, gold or green. I preferred black and 1 gold candles as it suits my living room interior better
  • 4 candle holders to plug into the wreath like these
  • Dried flowers and branches. I chose silver eucalyptus, red eucalyptus, eucalyptus blossoms, dried thistles and gold plated baby-breath that I found in a local store and just had to get
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon


Lay out all your branches and dried flowers. Start with a general outline of the wreath by taking the longest branches and trying them out around the wreath.

Once you have your outline start sticking the branches into the wreath. Grapevine wreaths are great for that and hold other branches well. If you want to fix a certain branch just tie it on the wreath with yarn.

You can use a pretty ribbon (I used a green velvet ribbon) to hold together different ends of branches

At last stick in the little dried flowers and other smaller branches like the eucalyptus blossoms or the thistles and bits and bobs, you want to add to your wreath. The possibilities are endless. You could use dried oranges or cinnamon sticks or keep it simple like I did.

In the end stick the candles into the candleholders and stick them onto the wreath

And voilà you are all done with you advent wreath.

diy advent wreath

I hope this quick and simple Advent wreath DIY was helpful for you and will make you want to create your own. Let me know if you do!

Much love

diy advent wreath

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