gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019

The 2019 gift guide for meaningful gifts

Posted: 29. November 2019 by Ramona

As I am putting together the gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019, I am listening to the first Christmas music of the season and had a “Grättimann”.

Yesterday night I made my Advent wreath and cannot wait to light the first candle this Sunday. The tutorial is coming next week.

As we are heading into this Christmas season, I want to remind us to be intentional with our time. Yes, we have gifts to get and cookies to bake and parties to throw and checklists to do until the end of the year. However, let us not forget why we are celebrating Christmas. Jesus came on this earth; the son of God was given to us! Let us not forget to be kind and friendly and to enjoy these moments. Maybe it is taking a Saturday morning to just sit and read and journal or maybe it is a Wednesday night where you light all your candles and just breathe and be thankful for the life we have.

This is also the reason why I put together this gift guide for meaningful gifts because I want to help us get away from just buying stuff. None of us needs more stuff but again being intentional about it can make giving this season special and meaningful to the other person.

To me personally that starts with investing time, energy, creativity and some money but as always, time is more valuable than money. I make a lot of gifts instead of just buying something or I try to put together gifts, which give someone a date like the “box” below.

I hope this gift guide inspires you to make and create and gives you ideas on being more intentional.
With that being said here is your

Gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019

Food gifts

I started a tradition many years ago and give away banana breads every year for Christmas. These recipes below can be an inspiration to start your own tradition. For those of you who really are not into baking, cooking and roasting I put two ideas on there for you to buy because who doesn’t love coffee or olive oil, right?

gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019
  1. Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread
  2. Simmering Holiday Potpourri DIY Jar
  3. Coffee from Coffee Circle. This coffee is amazing and gives back with every kilogram sold.
  4. Chipotle and Rosemary Roasted Nuts
  5. Olive oil from the Turchi Farm in Italy.
  6. Linzer cookes – try them. They are amazing!
  7. White Chocoloate, cherry, macadamia and coconut granola – my favorite granola to give awy.

Gifts for her

These are really an inspiration. You could make this beautiful face oil, which is easy to make. Just mix all the ingredients, pour them into a nice bottle and you are done. Alternatively, you could give away this gorgeous bible. I think the intention behind it is giving her beautiful and at the same time useful gifts for everyday use.

gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019
  1. DIY nourishing face oil
  2. She reads truth Bible
  3. Jo Malone wood sage and sea salt scent – my favorite perfume
  4. handmade earings
  5. cozy sweater by Zara Home to stay comfy in the winter

Gifts for him

The same goes for gifts for him. Draw inspirations from them like making beard oil or this nice bracelet. Think practical and beautiful.

gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019
  1. DIY beard oil
  2. He reads truth bible
  3. portable campfire
  4. DIY leather bracelet
  5. cozy pajamas by Zara Home

The date gift box

I love giving away dates and investing into my married friends. It is one of my favorite things to give. If you do not want to put together a box with things for the date, you could also get a coupon from a nice restaurant. The gift of time is the best.
This list is for a date you could call “Breakfast in bed”. You could put tea, coffee, pajamas, blankets, cups and the likes in the box. Pictured here is what I have put into a date box like this before.

gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019
  1. Chunky knit blanket
  2. Coffee mugs from Coffee Circle
  3. homemade granola
  4. wool socks from Manufactum
  5. coffee
  6. spotify playlist

The gift of words

Words can give life and the gift of words could also just be writing a letter or a personal card to someone. Or you could get a beautiful book and write some nice words in there. I just put together a selection of books I personally would love to have, read or give away.

gift guide for meaningful gifts 2019
  1. Romantic Escapes coffee table book
  2. Magazine style Bibles
  3. Dad Jokes
  4. Mexico the cookbook
  5. Unbroken – still reading it and I am so moved by it
  6. We two – on my reading list about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
  7. The Adventure Challenge for couples
  8. Maps – beautiful atlas for kids
  9. The hidden art of homemaking

To close this off we should be givers and be generous year round but if you want to make a donation this year here is a list of amazing organizations who make a difference in today’s world. I can recommend each of these:
The A21 Campaign
Preemptive Love
Compassion International
Open Doors

Much love

PS: You can find more ideas in the 2018 gift guide

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