fix a broken heart

My heart was broken

Posted: 25. October 2019 by Ramona

The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to fix a broken heart. Movies tell us to drink lots of wine, eat ice cream and pizza and be sad in bed watching Netflix.

Then there are the people who tell you that time will heal all wounds. Does it really?

I have tried to fix a broken heart with ice cream and pizza and even though Ben and Jerry are great companions, they are in fact not healing the heart. I have also found that time does not heal my heart but making an active decision to forgive and let go is what helped the healing.

In the past, I have shared openly with you about my bad track record of liking boys and I have been really open and honest about being in a bad relationship as well.

However, I have always come out stronger and with a heart that was healing. Sometimes it took longer than other times because the wound was pretty bad.

I want to share a few important thoughts with you to help you heal and fix your broken heart.

fix a broken heart

How to fix a broken heart

Guard your heart

The bible actually says that we should guard our hearts above all else. Guarding our hearts does not mean building big and thick walls around it. Guarding means being careful with it, not giving it away easily and to anyone. I believe that is where it all starts and where we could actually prevent a lot of heartache.

Fill your soul with good things

I wrote about this on my Instagram yesterday and I also touched on it last week. Our input determines our output. If we fill our heart with garbage… well our heart will look like garbage. One time a few years back my heart was really broken and instead of filling it with good things, I was listening to all the sad music, reading all the sad poetry and filling myself with sadness. Six months later, I wondered why I was still hurting so much. That is when I realized that I needed to fill my heart with good, positive, and healing things

Surround yourself with good people

I cannot stress this point enough. Surrounding ourselves with people who help us grow and who cheer us on in the bad times is one of the most important things to fix a broken heart. If it were not for my friends, my “tribe” of people I would not be where I am today!

Allow yourself to be sad

Yes your heard that right! Sometimes, especially the go- getters among us want a quick fix, a get over it and get done with it kind of fix. It is ok to be sad. It is ok to cry and take your time to heal. Do not think you have to hide behind a mask of happiness and feeling good. You can admit to being sad. Find those people where you can just breathe be yourself with and share how you really are.

Whatever season you are in right now I hope as always that you feel encourage and lifted up and I hope that these thoughts on how to fix a broken heart help you in your own journey.

Much love

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