be the change in your community

Be the change in your community

Posted: 11. October 2019 by Ramona

I believe that you can be the change in your community. I know I have talked a lot about planning your time and the fall bucket list and watching movies the last few weeks but let us never forget that we are not just here for ourselves.

All the planning I do is really, so I can make the highest impact not in my life but in other’s. I do not want to be known for being the person who does it all or can do it all. I want to be known for investing into friendships and community and living a culture drenched with kindness and encouragement.

Therefore, my encouragement for you today is to take this fall and make sure that you do not just run from one thing to the next. I want you to take each moment and soak it in. Take a moment and ask yourself how you can make a difference. It can be as small as eating together with a friend, complimenting a random stranger or walking for freedom in your city. Maybe you should call the friend you have not spoken to in a while. Maybe you should finally volunteer in your local church or make a new friend.

Do not be too occupied and do not think you will do it when this and that happens. Your time to be the change in your community is now. It is every day. It is however your choice to rise up in the morning and decide to reach out your hand into your community, your workplace, your city.

Having said that, friends, go be the change in your community.

Much love

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