fall bucket list

The fall 2019 bucket list

Posted: 27. September 2019 by Ramona

Friends, it is here! Your fall bucket list with all the big and little things you could do this fall. Every year around this time my Instagram starts filling up with all the cute pictures of people apparently doing #allthethings like apple picking, pumpkin buying, fire making… etc. etc. you get the point.

Sometimes that leaves me a little overwhelmed because I wish I could do all the things in the fall but truth be told I cannot. It is ok because we do not have to. The list I am giving you today is more of an inspiration to break out of the day to day to do lists we have in the fall and enjoy the beauty of the season. I want this fall bucket list to be an inspiration for you and not a to do list. Ok?

So let’s do this:

The fall 2019 bucket list

1. switch out your closet

I love switching out my closet in the fall and rediscovering all the blouses, sweaters, and skirts, I have not worn in many months. It is like having a completely new wardrobe.

fall bucket list

2. make a bonfire

I will be doing this tonight while it is cold enough to make a fire but not too cold to barely stand it. I think there is almost nothing cozier than sitting by a fire, roasting marshmellows, drinking hot chocolate and letting conversations go deeper and deeper.

3. try a new restaurant or café

Maybe this summer was all about throwing barbecues and eating simple fresh food in your backyard or out in nature. Maybe it is time to try a new restaurant in your town or have a cozy coffee date with a friend while you catch up on life.

4. light your favorite scented candle

Maybe this will be the only thing you will do on this list and that is ok because I find the lighting of candles something to slow me down because I know it will make me enjoy the moment, set the atmosphere and enjoy beauty. These are my favorite scented candles.

fall bucket list

5. buy some pumpkin

Let us be honest pumpkins are part of fall and maybe you do not like to decorate with them. Well you could spray them in some cool color to fit your color theme. I have done it before. It is really fun even for those of us who do not like crafting.

6. watch movies

Take one of your free nights to cozy up with a blanket, some popcorn, and tea and watch your favorite fall movies. My list is coming next week.

fall bucket list

7. throw a Friendsgiving dinner

You all know how I feel about gathering people around the table and I think fall is a perfect opportunity to have them all there and be thankful together.

8. make soup

I want to make this one this fall and obviously make this one again.

Friends, I really hope this fall bucket list has something for you on it but most of all I hope that you realize that life is about the moments. You can have those moments but carving out time for them. Honestly, I would love to hear a few things that are on YOUR list.

Much love

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