Tips to make it through the season

3 tips to make it through the busy season

Posted: 20. September 2019 by Ramona

I remember a few years back when summer was ending and I was still totally enjoying every second of it but before I knew it, fall was here and I was in the thick of it not knowing left from right and always thinking about the next thing. I was not enjoying myself and was not enjoying the beauty that fall has to offer. After that year, I said no more and chose to make a change and I am sharing my tips to make it through the busy season with you today.


In all honesty though I do not like to call it the busy season because I do not like being “busy busy busy” all the time and I do not like the glorification of business that we have in today’s society but that is another topic for another day. Let us just say that usually work and life picks up after resting all summer and there is just a whole lot more going on and somehow we all get the feeling that we need to finish things before the end of the year.

The tips I am sharing with you today are simple and I think we can all take something from it. The fall is a beautiful season. It is one of my favorites with its crisp mornings and golden light and harvest and lighting candles and all the other romantic things I so love. Yet sometimes we do not get to enjoy them because we do not take the time for them. In addition, time seems to be passing so quickly and we do not stop to look around. We need to change and figure out what is really essential and important in our lives and pour our energy and heart into that. We cannot do #allthethings and we cannot multi-focus. So let us be diligent with the time given to us. Let us make the most of it and make the biggest impact with it.

Tips to make it through the busy season

3 tips to make it through the busy season

1. Rest

I already wrote about it last week but learning to rest is so important if we want to give it our best and our all. I also want to encourage you to read this book because it will really help you figure out the essentials in life. In this season, make sure to have a few nights at home. Make them special by lighting some candles and cooking a delicious meal for you and your family. Sit around the table without the distraction of phones or the TV. Sit, talk, and let the time pass.

2. Plan

By now we all know I am a planner and sometimes this can hinder me and annoy me but most of the time it is super helpful for me. I usually sit down at the end of September and while it is still pretty slow and I look at my calendar for the next three months. Then I write down the big things and the little things, I write down my times of rest and times I want to have people over for dinner. I make sure that I keep pieces of time completely free so that not every second of every day is planned out but that there is room for margin and room to be spontaneous. Yes, I even plan out my Christmas gifts at that time because I hate finding last minute gifts and I would much rather be thoughtful and I also like to spit up my gifts budget so I don’t have to spend everything in one month.

3. Breathe

You are now ready to head into fall but there is one more tip I want to give you. Take each moment as it comes. Every meeting, every event, every gathering and be fully present. Do not allow yourself to already be in the next one but be here now. Take it all in. Look around and breathe. This moment is a fleeting moment. You will not get it back. So breathe again.
Friend, I believe you are going to have the best fall season you have ever had. I believe that great things are ahead of you.

Much love


  • Claudio 20. September 2019 at 15:14

    Wise words! Thanks for these useful tips 🙂

    • Ramona 20. September 2019 at 15:51

      you are so welcome! Glad it you liked it 🙂


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