the journey so far

I made a cake for you

Posted: 2. August 2019 by Ramona

Well, I made you a virtual cake we can have with our virtual coffee 😊 but really I just want to celebrate the journey so far.

This blog is turning 1 year today and it has been the most incredible year. It has pushed me to be creative. It has pushed me to be more vulnerable, to share my life and to let go of the lies that tell me I am not good enough.

For that, I say THANK YOU! If it were not for all of you reading my words, coming here week after week the journey that I have been on so far would not have been the same. The emails you write to me. The comments you make. The messages you sent me mean more to me than I could ever express into words.

So in order to celebrate the journey so far, I am sharing YOUR favorite blogs here again and I am sharing my favorites as well.

The journey so far – the blogs you like were…

When I shared my story of unrequited love with you

How to be single in your 30s – I love that! I loved this one because I really wanted to encourage you with it!

When I needed to encourage myself (and you) to set our past on fire

The summer bucket list – yes yes yes!! It totally makes my day that you are getting out there living your life!

When we all decided to be better at sitting still

When I shared my desires with you – like I said… this journey has been about being vulnerable

When we decided to follow our dreams

When we finally talked about dating and if men and women can really just be friends

How to be single in your 20s

When we spent a Saturday alone – and I still hope this one encourages you to enjoy your time alone

The journey so far – blogs I really liked were…

About vulnerability, because I still believe opening your heart is the way to go

About giving up plans

About starting to like Valentine’s Day

About caring for others because kindness is the way to go

About the importance of community and I hope this encourages you to be in community with other people

About encouraging us in our singleness

Friends, here is to another year. Whatever season you are in right now I believe it will catapult you to where you need to be next.

Happy Birthday, tableseasons and much love

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