what you should do as a single

As a single, you should be found doing these three things

Posted: 12. July 2019 by Ramona

Alright alright alright I have something important to share with you about what you should do as a single.

I do not know where you stand on the “single spectrum”. Maybe you just got out of a relationship and are newly single, maybe you are single and ready to mingle or maybe you are single and dating. The fact is you are not married and this single life is here to be enjoyed. Yet sometimes we get so caught up in life or in the idea of something or someone (hello… I am definitely guilty of that) that we forget that life happens right here and now and we only have this one life. So let us not be defined by our relationship status, ok?

What you should do as a single: Be found…

Be found loving life

This is where it all starts. You should be thankful and happy for the life you have and as some people say “The grass is greener where you water it” 😉 Water your life. Choose happiness. Choose kindness. If you do not currently love your life, you could maybe start choosing to love it. Add things every day that you love and take things out that are not good for you. Your life happens now and your calling happens now.

Be found with friends

The time to invest into friendships is now. Do not think you do not need any more friends but always have an open heart and be willing to add just one more friend. Who know who will cross your path? Also, be a good friend to other people. Listen carefully. Ask questions. Be open, honest and authentic. I also want to encourage you to invest into friendships with people who are a little further along the way so you can learn from them.

Be found serving others

It is really when we start serving others, being a mentor for others and a role model for the generation to come that we start finding out what we are created for and what our calling is. You know I think it is like Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

Friends, as a single you should be doing all three of these things not so you can check some list but because you will benefit immensely from it. You will become a better person. Life will no longer about being single or married but about life and loving it and making a difference. Your life should be complete without a significant other and that partner; this future spouse should be a gift to your life.

Friend, you are amazing and great in the season you are in and I cannot wait to see what fruit will come out of it

Much love

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