quote by William Shakespeare

Do you know what it is? And do you share it?

Posted: 5. July 2019 by Ramona

Today I just want to take a quick moment to talk about this quote by William Shakespeare. I used to be a big Shakespeare fan and read all of his plays. I also used to memorize parts of it to quote whenever I needed it. I also visited the Globe Theater in London and was very disappointed for it being a reconstruction.

However, the quote by William Shakespeare I want to talk about today is this:

quote by William Shakespeare

Quote by William Shakespeare

“The meaning of life is to FIND YOUR GIFT. The purpose of life is to GIVE IT AWAY.”

My Pastor shared this quote last Sunday and I knew I had to reuse it somehow. The beauty of this quote is that it shows how we are all on a journey. We are all trying to figure life out, trying to find our gift or get better at our gift. It is all a process. However, this quote also shows us that life is not just about ourselves. Our gift is not just meant for us. It is there to give it away, to share it with others.

I want to ask you two questions: One: Do you know your gifts? Two: Are you holding on to it or are you giving it away.
The beauty and the fulfillment is in the giving away part. That is where your gift will fly.

So on this beautiful summerly Friday I am encouraging you to go on a treasure hunt of finding our gift this summer and as a challenge to give it away. If you do not know what it is, yet I would encourage you to take some time to sit still, to dream and to journal and write down your thoughts. Ask yourself the hard questions, the deep questions. Take the long summer nights where you stare into the sky and watch the stars to find it.

When you do, practice it, give it away and spread the kindness.

Happy Friday, friends.

Much love

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