live in the now

Nostalgia had me like…

Posted: 21. June 2019 by Ramona

The photo above is from exactly a year ago. I have been feeling nostalgic this last week. Nostalgic for last summer and it almost hindered me to live in the now.
Last summer was so incredibly perfect and I threw a barbecue with friends almost every week. It was hot, the days were long, and dreams were big.

live in the now

This week I stayed up really late every day just to make the most out of these summer nights because there are not many of them, which made me sad and nostalgic.
Instead of a long list of things and how to’s I just want to encourage us with something today:

Live in the now.

The past can be beautiful and it can be painful but it is the past and the future is what we decide now. So let us live in the now. Enjoy every moment. Take each day as it comes and make a difference.

Much love

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