how to plan a trip as a single

How to plan a trip as a single

Posted: 14. June 2019 by Ramona

Summer is officially here and maybe you want to plan a trip but you are kind of on your own and do not know where to start.
I completely get it. Personally, I think planning a trip as a single is one of the most difficult things because sometimes we just simply forget that we could go on vacation.

Today however I want to share a few tips I learned along the way on how to plan a trip as a single to help you plan a beautiful trip or a staycation because both can we awesome.
Let us begin, shall we?

how to plan a trip as a single

4 tips on how to plan a trip as a single

1. Find out what you want.

Do you want to travel with a friend or alone? Do you want to go to a faraway place or do you want to be able to drive somewhere? If you travel with a friend, make sure that you and your friend are on the same page and want the same things. There is nothing worse than going on vacation with a friend and wanting different things or not agreeing on a budget. I have experienced it and it was not the most fun I have had on a vacation. The key to finding out about these things is trial and error but mostly it is conversation. Talking about it, communicating and asking questions.

2. Define your budget

Traveling costs money but it does not have to be impossible. We often see pictures on social media of these luxury travels and then that becomes the standard. The danger in that is that it is not always possible and maybe you are not at a point where you can afford luxury travel. This however should not hinder you to travel. Find out where you want to invest. Is it a nice hotel with all the amenities or is it adventure over luxury. I think we should not take up loans to go on vacation because vacations should serve us to rest and not the other way around. The great thing about living in Europe obviously is that it is inexpensive to get around and if you are a hostel kind of person (which I am not) your option are endless to see the world.

3. Where to?

As I have already mentioned living in Europe is a huge advantage when it comes to traveling because you are so close to so many different countries with different languages and culture and it is a great starting point especially if you are young and don’t have the money to travel to Tonga (such a dream though). Sometimes I open a radius finder online, I type in a number of kilometers I want to drive, and then I start searching within that radius. It is amazing to see how much beauty is already within a 500km radius. Sometimes it is even amazing to see what is within a 100km radius. We tend to forget the beauty around us because we see it every day. I personally try to plan one staycation a year where I am at home for a whole week and I enjoy the beauty of my own home, I take daytrips and do all the fun things I normally do not have time for. Explore your home, drive out of the city, and get lost in your own region. You are the one who decides how much fun you have on a staycation and it can be so much fun!

Spending time alone

4. On traveling alone

I had a conversation with a friend once about the way you experience things when you travel alone. Somehow, it is intensified and deep and it is something you carry inside with you. Personally, I love traveling alone and I plan to go away for a few days this summer all by myself. I love how things become silent and I finally have time to journal and get lost in a book. When I do travel alone I try to be wise in choosing my accommodation especially as a woman traveling alone.

I now these are very broad tips and maybe I will go more into detail about how I actually planned a road trip I took by myself two years ago (let me know if you’re interested). But for now I hope these tips on how to plan a trip as a single help you do something fun this summer. Always remember you are not too old to see the world!

Much love

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