summer bucket list

The summer 2019 bucket list

Posted: 7. June 2019 by Ramona

I have been going around asking people what is on their summer bucket list. I have gotten answers like going skydiving in St. Petersburg to going on family vacation.

As you know, I love to plan and be spontaneous and I believe in putting things down so we do not forget. Little lists like this will remind us to step away from our day to day mundane to doing something fun, experimenting with something new and making memories along the way.

So here it is:

The summer bucket list 2019

1. Go to the farmer’s market more

I sometimes forget that there is one only five minutes from my house. So now is the time to go because of all the beautiful and fresh produce. It can be such a fun experience to go there in the morning, stroll the different stands and then make something beautiful with what you got.

summer bucket list

2. Sleep outside

Last year I slept on top of a mountain with some friends and I am ready to do it again. It was such a fun experience to sit by the fire and then crawl into our sleeping bags and fall asleep with a sky full of stars.

summer bucket list

3. Take daytrips

Sometimes we forget about the beauty of the place we live in, right? So plan a few fun daytrips maybe to a lake or another city. Often times changing, the scenery for just one day already makes such a huge difference.

summer bucket list

4. Find some water

There is nothing like jumping into cold water on a hot day. If you live by the ocean, you are one lucky person. Do not ever take it for granted. Maybe there is a lake nearby, a river, or a public pool. Set up camp for a whole day. Bring a picnic and enjoy.

summer bucket list

5. Throw as many bbqs as possible

There is nothing better than a cookout on the patio or the balcony or somewhere on an open fire. You can do that by yourself or invite some friends over. The summer is the best opportunity for easy parties because you just have to throw some food on the grill and you’re good to go

6. Watch a movie outside

This is one of my favorite things to do. Whether you bring your laptop outside and watch a movie there while the sun is setting or setting up a projector and lounging on blankets I think watching outside is one of the best things to do in the summer.

7. Go canoeing

Canoeing is very high on my personal summer bucket list. In fact, it already was last year but I did not get to do it so here is to hoping that it will work out this year.

summer bucket list
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8. Travel

It is self-explanatory but if I can give you one advice it is to go travel and see the world because it will enrich, enlighten and inspire your life. Remember you are never too old or too settled to go traveling.

Friends, I hope this summer bucket list inspires you to get out there and have some fun. Let me know in the comments below what is on your list. Honestly, I want to be inspired by YOU.

Much love


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