caring for others

Spread kindness like confetti

Posted: 5. April 2019 by Ramona

Last week I wrote about a different kind of selfcare. The kind where you become the best possible version of yourself in order make the highest impact in this world. I believe we are called to make a difference in this world and care about other people. But sometimes we do not know where to start and what does caring about others even look like?

With social media and being in front of a screen all the time it sometimes feels as if our world has become even more narcissist. But what if we looked up from our phones and saw the world around us? What if we started spreading kindness like confetti? What if we smiled more and looked people in the eyes more. What if we really started caring about others?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot over the last year and it is something that I am trying to get better at. I want to be better at serving people and actually spreading love everywhere I go. Let me tell you it is a daily decision I have to make and it is a work in progress.

That is why I thought I could make it really practical for all of us today because often times we do not know where to start and we run out of ideas.

caring for others

18 ways to care for others

  1. Smile at a stranger
  2. Open the door for somebody
  3. Greet people on the street
  4. Give somebody a compliment or 3 or 10
  5. Ask questions and be interested in the answer
  6. Treat somebody to a coffee, lunch or dinner
  7. Bake something for all your neighbors
  8. Stop gossiping
  9. Start believing the best in people
  10. Set up a stand by the street and give away free food
  11. Write someone a letter
  12. Invite your friends to a dinner in your house
  13. Write encouraging text messages
  14. Sponsor a child
  15. Throw a fundraiser
  16. Find an organization you want to support. I can recommend this, this and this one
  17. Volunteer your time to help people in need
  18. Travel to another country not to just travel but to help an organization with your time

At the end of the day the ideas for caring for others are endless. The most important thing is our heart. Where is your heart? Are you willing to let go and give of yourself?

Much love


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