taking care of yourself

But… what about me?

Posted: 29. March 2019 by Ramona

When I go on pinterest, tumblr or instagram it is full of quotes about loving yourself, taking care of yourself and doing what you love.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and loving yourself. It is the old principle of putting on your oxygen mask first. I do believe it is important to love yourself (starts singing the Justin Bieber song…). We all know that I love spending time by myself doing what I love.

What I want to do today is getting a bit of a different approach to self-care. When I am on these platforms, I read quotes, which are supposed to encourage me that I am perfect the way I am. That I do not need to change anything and just love myself. That is the point that I want to challenge today. What if we took care of ourselves in order to become the best possible version of ourselves so we can make the highest impact in the world and for the people around us?

In that moment taking care of yourself becomes less about yourself and making sure you are feeling good, drinking enough water and working out enough and more about working on our inner being, our thoughts, our emotions and ultimately our character. I know this is more work than putting routines (which are so important) in place because it requires constant work, sacrifice and letting go.

Here is the thing I believe we are not just here on this planet to live a fabulous life we can enjoy. I love that this is part of it, but I believe we are actually here to make a difference in somebody else’s live. That somebody else whoever that is needs you!

I want to give you three ways you can actually start practicing this kind of self-care

taking care of yourself

Taking care of yourself

1. Take care of your input

I believe whatever we put in we will ultimately become and it has a big influence on our life. That not only goes for food but for anything. The things we watch, the things we listen to and the things we read. I want to challenge you to examine those things and ask yourself what you should maybe give up to make sure you are not becoming “that” whatever that is.

2. Take care your your output

Sometimes we are so careless with our thoughts, with our reactions, and especially with our word. If we understood the power of our words, we would be very careful and practice some self-control. What are you saying all day long? Are you building yourself and the people around you up? Or are you tearing them down? Do you have a filter on your word? Do you control your reactions or do you just burst out whatever you are feeling? Our words and reactions are a very good way to check where our heart is.

3. Take care of your time

Where we spend our time shows us exactly where our heart is and where our mind is. What people do you spend time with? What do you say yes to and where do you know you should not be investing your time in? Do you just fill up your calendar to the brim and do not have any time to actually think and work on some things? Do you have time to rest and recover? How do you plan your time?

Friends, I hope you are seeing my heart in all of this. I believe taking care of yourself is an important thing but I want to make sure that we do not get selfish in the process and make everything about ourselves. You are called for so much more and I believe you have what it takes to change your world.

Much love

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  • cresent moon cafe 7. June 2019 at 18:44

    Thanks for finally talking about >But… what about me?

    – tableseasons <Loved it!


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