things to do this spring

7 things to do this Spring

Posted: 1. March 2019 by Ramona

I know I know technically it is not Spring yet and the chances of it getting cold again might be pretty high. But the other day I walked past a garden and the scent from the early spring flowers were invigorating. So I started making a list of 7 things to do this spring.

I made this for summer and the fall, but somehow missed sharing my list for winter. So I am extra early for spring.

I believe it is really important to make those “dream lists” for each season as we can get so caught up in the everyday that we forget to take in all the season has to offer for us.

So… you ready for some fun things to do this spring?

things to do this spring

7 things to do this spring

1. Pick flowers from a field

There is almost nothing better than driving up to a beautiful field of tulips and picking them fresh from the field. I cannot wait for them to come out and fill my house with them

2. Have a picnic

Pack up some food, head out into nature and eat, lay down on a blanket, watch the clouds go by and breathe in the beautiful fresh air.

3. Spring clean

My housemate and I do this every year where we just take a Saturday or two during the spring months to deep clean our place. It’s the best feeling.

things to do this spring

4. Have friends over for a spring brunch

Fill the table with fresh produce, fresh flowers and open a window or two

5. Eat everything asparagus

The asparagus season is so short. Make the most of it. This is a great recipe to make. Trust me

6. Read a book outside

Bike to your favorite bench in the park. Sit down and read your book or journal

7. Plant something

Put some seeds in the ground and see it grow.

things to do this spring

Well, friends, this is it for now. I hope these ideas for things to do this spring inspired you to make your own list and enjoy the season.

Much love


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